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I am thrilled to share that I was fortunate enough to be featured on Harry Stebbings, Twenty Minute VC Podcast. If you are not already aware of the podcast, it has 100 million downloads across 190 countries and guests from over 200 VCs including Sequoia, Founders Fund, Y Combinator, Benchmark, and Index Ventures. Many regard it as the gold standard of podcasts covering the VC ecosystem.

As we scale out Plexo Capital, I am glad I get to share my insights into a multitude of areas within venture capital.


The Episode Covers

My Journey

How I made my way into the world of venture with GV and how that led to mine innovating on the venture model investing in both funds and directly with Plexo Capital today. And, my biggest takeaways from five years as a Partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures).

Effect of Covid-19

How will GPs raising today be impacted by COVID. How does this differ dependent on the stage they invest and the size of fund they are raising. How I advise managers communicating with existing and new potential LPs today. Please note this was recorded a few months ago.

Minimum Viable Fund Size

What I mean regarding your “minimum viable fund size.” How I advise GPs when it comes to closing strategies. How much do GPs need for first close. How many closes should there be thereafter. Should they take the money when it is on the table?


How I feel about anchor LPs taking/investing into the management company of a VC. What are the benefits for the manager of doing so. Why I believe there is such a binary view towards it. Why I disagree with the benchmarks set of what a GP commit “should be.”

Future of GP/LP relationship

Why I believe we will see the hybridization of GP/LP over the coming years. What are the benefits of having your LP also direct invest. What are the core challenges to the model. How I envisage the world of venture evolving over the next decade.

Fun Facts

My Fave Book: Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?: How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business

Most Recent Investment: PlayVS

Please listen and share the podcast! Let me know your thoughts. Proud to have the support of the startup and venture community.

Written by

busy vc @plexocapital formerly @GVteam

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